Easy fall recipe

As a student, I have learned to cook my own food. At first, you don’t mind eating junk food or an endless amount of pasta, however it comes to point when you have to start elaborating more healthy dinners.

Here is my favorite thing to cook during fall time: Diced potatoes and apples. Really easy I promise. It ‘s the perfect thing to eat with any kind of meat or by itself. I usually make it on Sunday nights, to end the week with a home-cooked meal. I mean, you can be a student and sometimes cook.

INGREDIENTS: ( for one portion)

* 2 or 3 medium to small potatoes

* an apple

* 2 small shallots

* olive oil or any kind of cooking oil20131117-205107.jpg


1) Peel the skin off from the potatoes and carefully dice them, put some olive oil in the pan. When the oil starts getting hot place the diced potatoes into the pan. Put in enough oil so the potatoes don’t stick to it. Also cut the shallots into small pieces.20131117-205141.jpg20131117-205207.jpg

2) When the potatoes start to change color, put in your shallots. Always make sure the food doesn’t stick to the pan. Also dice your apple.20131117-205226.jpg

3) When the potatoes are ALMOST ready, meaning that they are a golden color, put in your diced apple. I don’t like it when the apples are fully cooked, I want them just hot and slightly cooked.


4) It’s ready… Enjoy, Bon appetit !!!!



Summer favorites

I currently have a few summer favorites that I have been using for the last month or so. They are great products if you are going back to school or college, or if you are still on vacation for a few weeks.

1. The Body shop shower gel in cocoa butter : very creamy and mosturizing, it makes your skin really soft. And there is a decent amount in the bottle, which is a good thing, shower gels get empty so quickly ! ( or is it just me ??) the smell is subtle, fresh: It tastes like summer.


2. Neutrogena mosturizing stick in fresh papaya. Similar to the Clinique chubby sticks, but a lot cheaper of course. Very mosturizing but still stays on a decent amount of time without eating (up to 2/3 hours). The color is gorgeous, a peachy pink with a glossy finish. It really smells like papaya, I love it, but if you don’t like scented lip products, stay away from these…



3. L’oreal carbon false fiber lashes mascara. Best drugstore mascara I’ve tried. Very black, you get length and volume. It’s not clumpy, the formula is great !



4.This is actually a year round favorite: argan oil. Mine is from Organix. It is a natural way to protect your hair from heat, the Sun’s UV and keeps the ends from being dry. Apply a few drops in the palms of your hands, and then apply from the middle of your hair length to the ends just after washing your hair . It makes wonders.



5.M.A.C eyeshadow in Hepcat, is a fushia pink with kind of a metallic finish. It was a gift, and I was at first  sceptical, I had no idea of how wearing it  without looking like a clown ! But I actually love it now, it’s perfect to add a pop of color in a subtle way ( yes subtle ), place it in your outer corner and crease, and then add a light brown or taupe color over it, the pink will show through and add something special and make your eyes pop especially if they are hazel, green or brown.



Beauty Favorite: Garnier roll on concealer

What an interesting product, with many promises : concealer, highlighter, and a way to reduce puffy eyes .

I love it . It instantly brightens your under eye area and gives you that  » I had a good night sleep look  »

However, it works the best with a concealer underneath. The roll on gives it some oomph, and will definitly stay in your daily makeup routine.

What I also like is the fact that it is also an eye care product. I have been using for a month, I do feel a slight improvment in my dark circles.

Overall, it is a good product that costs about $10 depending where you buy it.
The choice of shades is unfortunely limited. But if you can, give it a try.

I would grade it a 8/10.



Beauty favorite : NYX for your eyes only palette for brown eyes

I really enjoy NYX products especially the « for your eyes only Mysterious Brown eyes » palette. I use it multiples times per week, it’s the perfect everyday product. You get 10 different colors :a matte dark brown, a shimmery dark brown, a frosty brown, golden pearly color, a bright frosty lavender, a pearly deep purple, a bright turquoise green, a shimmery white, a shimmery champagne color and finally a darker champagne color.


The eyeshadows feel very soft and have very good color-payoff, they will stay all day if you put a primer under it. The packaging itself is sleek and easy to travel with, it has a good size mirror and it will fit in any makeup bag.
You can do plenty of different looks, smokies, natural, bold looks ( the turquoise looks amazing and the bottom lashline)

You can buy it for 12 dollars in the USA, and prices vary online if you are in Europe and can’t go to a store that sells NYX products. I found it on Amazon for about 10 euros.



Beauty battle: M.A.C lip conditioner VS Korres lip butter

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Really ? I don’t think so… lip butters or chap sticksor whatever you want to call them are a girl’s REAL best friend. They make your lips look nice and it’s definitely a plus when you want to kiss someone or just look healthy .

I always have one with me, always. I can’t live without them and even though my friends used to make fun of me because I carry lip butters everywhere, they do the same now too, I was never the one having bleeding lips because they were so dry…

Which one should you choose? There are so many! The MAC lip conditioner and the Korres lip butter are very similar in the products themselves and their price range. They are more on the high end side however, but they last a very long time!

Round 1: I’ll start with the Korres one, I own the color « Quince » which is a very nice fuchsia. They come in 7 different flavors and colors that are all gorgeous, there is a very nice variety, you’ll find a color that you like for sure…

The MAC lip butter that I own in fuchsia Fix is the same color…but is actually a bit more pigmented ! So, if you are searching for a very settle lip…you should go for the Korres one!

Round 2:How about the texture? The MAC product is the winner on that one…It is much more smooth on your lips and less sticky. They both have the same staying power, being lip butters you have to re-apply quite often but they give both a good level of moisture to your lips.

Round 3: And price wise? The Korres costs 12 dollars and the MAC 15.. However it offers more product inside but less color choice.


MAC lip conditioner ! Simply because it is less sticky,but I still love the Korres one, and the packaging is better,the investment seems more interesting.They both stay good products by the way.

Beauty Battle: Aveeno clear complexion BB cream VS Maybelline dream fresh BB cream

During summer, foundations can feel too heavy on your skin. BB creams are great alternatives and suit perfectly the hot weather. They offer decent coverage and « perfect your skin » that means it corrects any imperfections on your skin and heals any acne scaring. They also have spf 30: a must have for summer.

I would like to compare two BB creams from the drugstore: the Aveeno clear complexion and the Maybelline Dream Fresh. The second one is a lot cheaper though around $4 and the other one is almost twice the price… Just because it is more expensive is it more worth it ?

Round one : How well do these blend with your skin tone ? The Maybelline one looks kind of scary right out the bottle because, well, it looks quite orange. But you know what? it blends perfectly into your skin whereas the Aveeno that seems more color-appropriate looks not as air brushed and natural…Round 1 winner: Maybelline.

Round two: Which one is more practical ? The Aveeno BB cream has a pump,so you don’t waste any product whereas the Maybelline is just a tube that you squeeze to get the product out…not cool…and you don’t get that much product (30 ml) so it quite frustrating. The Aveeno, is more expensive but you will get more use out it (75 ml). Round two goes to Aveeno !

Round three: overall performance ? they are quite similar but I feel like the Maybelline has better coverage and doesn’t look weird if you put powder over it. It is quite dewy if you don’t. However the Aveeno looks more matte for some reason. I would recommend it for oily skin. And you don’t have to put powder over it to set it. Round three winner would be Maybelline because it does look better on my skin personally but I need to set it with powder.

WINNER: Maybelline because of the price and the natural finish you get even though the packaging could be better. The Aveeno is more appropriate for oily skin ( I have combination skin) and is a bigger investment for a quality very similar to the Maybelline.